High Income Skills: Skills That will save you in risky times of business


Who wouldn’t want to know about making a great deal of money through their skills? Even though there are tons of skills and jobs which can help you make a high income but for that, you really need to know the concept of high income skills.

What are the ways to earn money most effectively as an entrepreneur? What are the skills which help you in making high income? Questions like these often pop up in our mind.

Most of the people are often looking for the skill-sets to bring in higher levels of income. If you are one of those people too then this article will really help you out. Read on to find out.

There is only three basic money-making principles that you must know to get rich and make a higher income – according to Dan Lok‘s wealth triangle principle.

We are not only emphasizing on getting rich, we are also accentuating on how to stay rich and keep making the same or more amount.

Okay, so there are several principles which can help you get and stay rich. The first money-making principle according to Dan Lok is mastering the wealth triangle. You might be thinking what is a wealth triangle after all, which can turn your life around and help you make money in a short span of time, right?

The Wealth Triangle!!!

The wealth triangle is basically a mastering technique for entrepreneurs which helps in figuring out the right skillsets which ultimately results in making high income monthly. There are three main parts to the wealth triangle which are;

  1. High-income skill,
  2. Scalable business,
  3. High return investments.

High-Income Skill:

Currently, we are laying emphasis on the first part only – The high-income skill. You might be thinking what is a high-income skill and how do we figure out if we are on the right path, right?

Well, the definition of high-income skill stated by Dan Lok will make it quite clear what a high-income skill actually is. According to him, High-income skill is defined as “A skill which can make you a minimum of ten thousand dollars a month, or a hundred and twenty thousand dollars per year”.

Moreover, it is a skillset that you developed which can help you deliver value to the marketplace. Now, with a high-income skill, you are actually trading hours for dollars.

The difference between high income skill and normal skill is that, with high income skill you are actually trading your hours for high dollars and a large amount of money whereas with normal skill you earn very little money.

High-income skill vs. high-income job:

The thing here which you need to notice is that we are talking about the skill here and not a job. There is quite a difference in both. If it is a job then the perspective is totally different. We would not call this a high-income skill then, it would be termed as a high-income job.

The problem with the job is that your value isn’t determined by the marketplace but is actually controlled by your boss or your manager. So, there is really little you can do to dramatically increase you’re earning the ability to increase your income in a high-income job versus with a high-income skill.

Office Work

A skill is generally what you are good at, what you are able to do easily or your capabilities. So, if you are good at what you do, if you are good at closing and attracting clients, you can make several hundred or at times, thousand bucks in a snap.

According to Dan Lok, there are tons of things you can do to make hundreds of bucks. Since he started with copywriting initially so let’s talk about that first.

Here are some examples of high income skills that Dan Lok mastered, which later helped him to make Millions of dollars of fortune. You don’t have to do exactly the same thing. However, From this content you will get a general idea about how one should learn new high income skills and stack over their success.

Copy Writing:

Online Marketing -One of the High Income Skills

What is copywriting? Well, copywriting is basically writing a text or information for advertisement and marketing. It mainly helps in increasing brand awareness and ultimately encourage a person to take a specific action. Dan Lok himself began with copywriting by writing ads sales and letters for entrepreneurs. Crafting the sales literature and marketing pieces eventually resulted in making ten thousand dollars a month which were certainly more than enough for a young man. So, if copywriting can be one of the high-income skills which can help you in making thousands of dollars annually.

Marketing consultant:

Transitioning from one skill to another can be a little challenging and difficult initially but the hard work eventually pays off. Just like Dan Lok, who started off with writing sales copy for advertisement and marketing and eventually became a marketing consultant, you can also make your skills a career. The pieces of ad sales literature need to be used by the companies somehow which can clearly be described by the person who has written it. So, beginning as a copywriter you can eventually transition into a marketing consultant. Giving people advice on how to use the copy sales and marketing pieces can actually result in thousands of bucks per month. Honestly!!!

According to Dan Lok, a marketing consultant is a person who elaborates on how to actually use the ad sales and marketing pieces for marketing and advertisement. So, if you are good at attracting clients and convincing them, then making money as a marketing consultant isn’t hard for you.

Public Speaking:

Public SpeakingLinking and interconnecting your skills with each other can actually help you make loads of money. Since this is an era of robust technological development, therefore, making money online using your skills is becoming quite common. Passing on the techniques to other can be one of the skills you can use to add in a few thousand bucks more to your income. Seminars, workshops, and sessions can help in making some extra money too. Obviously, initially the class and seminars aren’t going to have thousands of people but you’ll get there too. So, public speaking can be the third skill you can use to add a few more dollars a month.




Platform selling:

Dan Lok started from being a copywriter and eventually developed new skills. The fourth one he developed was platform selling. See, all these skills are interconnected with each other. So, you need to start with the basic and eventually improve with time. Platform selling is only possible if you have enough audience. If the speech you deliver is convincible. A persuasive sixty-minute talk or a ninety-minute talk with the audience and clients and encouraging them to invest in the program can actually help you make thousands of dollars. All you need to do is be influential enough so that the clients invest the money, just like Dan Lok said.


Dan Lok said you don’t need to build all the skills at one time. Do little by little and eventually, you’ll get there, making thousands of dollars. Build one skill at a time and then another to be more successful. Dan Lok called this “Stacking on your success”. You have a layer of success and then you start building more and more and with time you can become a millionaire just by the using the skills you have. And the best thing about the high-income skill is that even if you have ups and downs in your businesses you can always rely on a high-income skill.


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